Life Cycle

Mural made as a response to the exhibiting artists and exhibition space. (2010)

The Trivistha group project consisted of:
  • Febrianto Pudi Utama (mural)
  • Prisanti Myristica (papercutting)
  • Pritha Fitria Natasha Bekti (plush sculpture)

The exhibition statement was as follows,
“Pure Essence flowing in the form of intentions which are projected inside reason and knowledge, are wrapped in everyday behavior. It is the result of many sublime processes, but often are not captured by the senses. Thus, inside every individual a uniqueness is hidden, inevitably, different way of seeing and rhythms of the body are also affected in translating that Pure Essence. The very existence of individuals are fused interacting with one another, a cycle, which is blown into three-poles.”

acrylic and coloured pencil on wall
7 x 3 m approx.

On other media:

Ruang Depan/S.14 Alternative Gallery
Bandung Magazine
Asia Art Archive