Frying Tahu
views of spirituality through illustration works from to poles

An art project involving 12 illustrators from Indonesia and Italy. (2013)

The project was exhibited in both countries, and here are some lines about the concept:
Frying Tahu (“tahu” means “bean curd” in Indonesian, but can also means “to know”) is an exploration that aims to have a self confrontation by bringing with us our respective backgrounds, towards the diversity of some concepts of life. Through them, the way we perceive and conduct our lifestyle are based on; those are: Spirituality and Assumption/Supposition. 
The Interpretation of spirituality in this project is not only through the concept of something transcendent, immanent or anything that connect into a religious idea, but also through views that rotate around materialism, atheism, and other common ideologies that perceive a universal spiritual system as being dogmatic. 

For full writing please visit Frying Tahu: Concept

pen and ink on canvas
46 X 61 cm 

pen, ink, pencil, and coloured pencil on canvas
46 X 61 cm

Collaboration with Federico Ghidinelli:

pen, ink, pencil, coloured pencil, water coloured pencil, and pantone on paper 
21 X 30 cm

The digital illustration I made as base for the exhibitions poster:

For full coverage of the project, please visit Frying Tahu