3BL Associates

Illustrations for 3BL Associates, a consultancy agency in the Middle East that push towards a more sustainable and regenerative region. (2015)

The illustrations and its variations are being use for the company's website, corporate profile, and merchandise.

"3BL Associates is a people + planet strategy consultancy that was established to re-imagine a more sustainable and regenerative Middle East. We recognize that in a world of complexity, crosscutting issues like peace, health and climate change cannot be solved in silo. We work at the intersection of these issues through a system thinking and value based approach."

" We are humbled by nature. We believe that nature is the classroom, the teacher, the lesson and the book. We believe in the intrinsic interconnectedness between humanity, the natural world, and the challenges we face.We think in systems, not silos. Our cross sector and cross disciplinary knowledge and holistic thinking allows us to connect the dots others don’t. We are motivated by indiscriminate love, compassion, inclusion, and a joy for being. We are both value driven and values driven."

"Our bold vision is to re-imagine a Middle East where there is a policy of collaboration and compassion. Progress on sustainable development issues would be accelerated, and we would become a more socially cohesive region. A region where walls are broken down and bridges built in favor of inclusion and cooperation. Where cognitive empathy prevails from an individual to an organizational level. Where what we value as a society is also what is of true value to the earth. Where the conditions are created for each individual who is part of that whole, to channel their potential as a human being into a society of purpose; a society that is fit for the future, forging new sustainable development pathways."

"How would you serve if the planet were your client? Context: Today, humanity faces complex challenges that require multi stake holder action and collaboration between governments, businesses, and civil society.In the MENA region, some of our challenges include the highest carbon emissions per capita; lack of affordable housing; sectarianism and intolerance; education systems that teach our youth what to think,not how to learn; the highest youth unemployment rates; obesity and diabetes prevalence; desertification; depleted natural water sources; dwindling biodiversity; and most threateningly: myopia and complacency. Well-being economics demands triple bottom line value creation, a cross-­ pollination of ideas, mutualism, holistic approaches, and foresight. And we believe every organization regardless of industry, size or sector has a role to play in re-shaping the future we are heading towards."

Alternate Concepts and Variations